Kelab PAS Failure in the UK: Is It Really Governments’ Fault?

December 2004

Kelab PAS or better known as NADI PAS had been projected by the party to challenge the existence of Kelab UMNO especially in the UK.

The idea of establishing Kelab PAS was brought up by the late Dato’ Fadzil Noor and the task was given to the Party’s secretary General, Ust. Nasharuddin Mat Isa. However, the enthusiasm died out in the PAS muktamar, when Datuk Mustapha Ali,the Vice President of PAS, declared that only a magazine called NADI PAS would be published to the PAS supporter abroad instead of having a legal club i.e. Kelab PAS.


-Nasharuddin is one of the PAS leading figure in establishing PAS legal wing in the UK. However, the idea was abandoned since PAS prefer to move  underground like what they have been doing for the past 30 years.-

Thus, there is no evidence whatsoever to attribute the failure of Kelab PAS to the government’s intervention.

If the freedom of speech is taken account, I personally feel that the opposition supporters abroad had been using every mean of the media available to propagate their ideology. Through e-mailing groups, students are exposed to the oppositions’ propaganda sent by these hatemongers.

They could read any excerpts from Harakah, Tranung, Berita Keadilan etc., without being banned or even criticised by any MSD staffs or the High comission. No counter attack expects from UMNO or any other govermenment party members or sympathizers.

Ironically, even the leaders of Kelab UMNO said nothing towards comments of the opposition members in the mailing groups. This situation shows that the government had been democratic enough to let Malaysians whether self-sponsored or government sponsored to say or to believe in any ideology or to support any particular parties.

However, it is a responsibility for our government to take action to any groups who organise underground movement. Sadly to say, Hizbi is one of the underground movement established to indoctrinate students especially undergraduates. And we know that Hizbi is one of the PAS hidden underground network working all over the world to caderised youths for their political agenda not unlike MAFIA or Yakuza.

If we could differentiate between freedom of speech and “the freedom” of organising underground movement (which some of the effect is shown by students bad academic performance), we can see that the government had been lenient and so tolerant with those who supported PAS openly. No PAS ustaz have been banned to give speeches at the community gathering and nobody have been denied their sponsorships or allowances for constantly sending provocative emails inciting hatred towards UMNO in particular and the government in general.

Even, gatherings hold by Majlis Syura Muslimun or ABIM MISG are always been supported by the High Comission,although it is an open secret that the majority of the societies’ members are Anwar Ibrahims’ sympathizers.

This shows that our government respects the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get enough gratitude and appreciation by the opposition party member’s who cloaked themselves under the “pejuang hak asasi manusia”‘s garment.


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